Bringing solutions together...

Bringing solutions together...

Dýšina 297, 330 02, Dýšina, CZ

tel: +420 377 280 112

fax: +420 377 280 113

email: office@sunriselift.eu

Dýšina 297, 330 02, Dýšina, CZ

tel: +420 377 280 112

fax: +420 377 280 113

email: office@sunriselift.eu


Being  10 years old and with the presence over 6 years in Czech Republic, Sunrise has successfully built a First-Class Brand image globally and become the 4th Biggest Guide Rail Supplier of the World.

Sunrise was set up in August 2006 in Jinghai District ,Tianjin,China, equipped with high powerful and precision machines to manufacture solid guide rail, hollow guide rails, fishplates, brackets and others accessories and total quality control system to fulfil world wide elevator market demand regarding the stable supply volume and high quality products.

Sunrise is currently the Qualified Supplier of ThyssenKrupp, Schindler, OTIS,  Fujitec, Brilliant (BLT), XJEC and many successful elevator companies, thanks to our core advantages:



Christmas greetings


We thank to all our business partners for their cooperation and trust in the year 2018, we wish Merry Christmas and a lot of health, happiness and success not only in their professional but also in their personal life. Looking forward to your mutual cooperation in the year 2019.


Modernization in the Czech Sunrise Elevator Parts


In connection with the certification process, the Czech Sunrise also made significant investments to improve the services for its customers. Now, therefore, a part of our production line is the new CNC machining center AXA DBZ® by Geman company, which is directly custom-made for the machining of the elevator guide rails. The machine is equipped with the SINUMERIK 840D control system and has two machinig areas , the first one can be used for complex machining in three axes, with the possibility of adding another two axes. The second one is primarily designed for machining elevator guide rails. Thanks to this versatile machine, we are able to provide a wide range of machining, such as grinding or cutting of various materials.


At the end of November, we also bought a Ford truck, in the configuration of 4x2,with loading capacity of 18 tons. Buying this truck has made the overal transport of all commodities more efficient, not only withtin our warehouse space, but now, we are also able to be more flexible in case of any urgent delivery of supplies to our customers throughout the Czech Republic. This tranasport is, of course, provided by the Czech Sunrise employees who have successfully completed the professional dirver training.

Czech Sunrise Elevator Parts has successfully passed the certification for an international project


Czech Sunrise has successfully completed the certification audit for a world-class manufacturer of elevators with international scope. This certification is a key step towards meeting all the other phases of the project. To gain a certificate, a relatively challenging process of innovation and changes has to be undertaken, whether in terms of setting up a more sophisticated internal system or upgrading production or warehouse space. The Certification Commission has personally assesed the outcome of our work in areas such as quality, realization of deliveries and packaging, the ability of flexible customization of guide rails on new machine etc.

We would thank to all employees of Czech Sunrise who have earned their professional attitude and work experience for successful completion of this audit!

New importer in Ukraine


Since the 1st of December 2018 The Czech Sunrise has extended its business activities in the territoriy of Ukraine, thanks to the HAS LIFT UKRAINE Ltd., which has so far been one of the major customers of elevator components of our company. Now the HAS LIFT UKRAINE Ltd. becomes an authorized distributor of our Czech Sunrise products in Ukraine. A company based in Vinnytsia has more than 10 years experience in the elevator technology and is a major supplier of lifts in domestic and international markets, entirely in line with international quality standards.

We believe that this business partnership will bring many new business opportunities and projects.

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WEE – World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018


China is one of the ideal areas for organizing fairs and exhibitions. That's why Czech Surnise decided to take part from 8 to 11 May 2018 at WEE - World Elevator & Escalator Expo in Shanghai. This exhibition is one of the most important international events focusing on elevators, elevator components, control systems that are held annually in Shanghai. Our company had a unique opportunity to present our portfolio to more than 130,000 visitors from all over the world. We have received many greetings on the technical processing and quality of the products, familiar with many interesting people, and we also realized how important it is to build brand awareness on the foreign market, which brings us a lot of business opportunities. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to take part in the show and meet our new ones current clients and business partners in person.

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New Year


Czech Sunrise has successfully entered the year 2018. The first half of it was the best time for our company. We've delivered for ourselves almost 2,200 tons of guides. Record supplies were not only affected by positive development of the markets in the Czech Republic, as well as in the countries of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine and India, but also by the ever-increasing number of satisfied customers who have the required services in our country and high quality products. We appreciate the profits of all our customers, because we know, that we could not exist without their loyalty. The domestic and international markets are still central to our company, and therefore we are now investing in new technologies that will allow us to flexibly respond to requirements of our customers, whose deliveries consist of mostly modified components. Investments will go mainly to the expansion of machinery, we also plan to build new ones halls. Evidence of the continuous dynamic development of our society is also the fact that we are ours the team has been expanded by skilled workers who care for the overall smooth running of business process, and we are able to provide services and products in the highest possible quality.


World Elevator Escalator Expo


Visit us at the World Escalator Expo 2018.

No. Exhibition Hall Booth Number
401 7.2 H 7E01

More information here.


Working Eviroment


In conjunction with receiving ISO certification, we have also improved the organization and working environment in our production areas 😊.




December 6, 2017, Sunrise Elevator Parts s.r.o. has successfully obtained a certificate for quality management system (ISO: 9001:2016) and an environmental management system (ISO: 14001:2016) for the delivery of elevator components and their processing.

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The Interlift 2017 world exhibition in Aussburg, Germany, took place from 15th to 18th October 2017. We participated in this exhibition together with our parent company and sister company from Spain. We are pleased with the extraordinary interest in our products and possibility of cooperation. Thank you.


Products and Services

Elevator Guide Rails Including Mechanical Adjustments

Aluminum Profiles As Required

Part of the parent company Sunrise Elevator Parts is Tumei, which has more than 50 years experience in the pressing industry. Based on this commercial connections we are therefore able to offer our customers aluminum profiles in standard but also atypical design. The profiles manufactured by Tumei are based on their high quality and high quality state-of-the-art technical processing of applications in a variety of industries, starting with the areas electronics, hydraulics, construction, electricity, automotive and shipbuilding or aviation, to machinery or the mining industry. Production capacity Companies in the field of Aluminum Profiles, Rods and Pipes are up to 10,000 tons a year supplied to Worldwide. The products are made from both standard and special materials, such as alloys type 7005 or 6082, using a spectrometer capable of detecting rapidly and accurately chemical composition in a blast furnace. Other modern techniques, such as off-peak refinement real-time or online add-on method of chemical elements ensure integrity chemical composition, compliance with appropriate standards, the same grain size and low gas content (& lt; 0 ° C 18 ml / 100 g Al). The non-destructive ultrasound method is used to control material defects such as cracks, holes, and internal defects - so-called inclusions. Standard aluminum profiles meet the K standard (GB / T3 190 - aluminum alloys). The basis for processing is always the drawing documentation the client provides to the manufacturer. Tumei's mechanical procedures are in accordance with GB T14846.

Other Elevator Components



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Dýšina 297, 330 02, Dýšina, CZ

tel: +420 377 280 112

fax: +420 377 280 113

email: office@sunriselift.eu


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Production Director

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Commercial Director RF &CIS

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