About us

Sunrise was set up in Aug.2006 in Jinghai District ,Tianjin,China and has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2011. It is equipped with high precision machines to manufacture cold-drawn guide rails, machined guide rails, sheets, brackets and other accessories. Our advantages are total quality control system to fulfil world wide elevator market demand, regarding the stable supply volume and high quality products.

Sunrise is currently the qualified supplier of many successful elevator companies, thanks to our core advantages.

Elevators can be classified into 3 general types according to the building height: low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. Machined guide rails can be classified into 3 types according to the quality level: B, BE, and BE+.

Among all the guide rail manufacturers in the world, around 10 of them can produce the real B type, around 4 producers can make BE, but only 3 can make BE+. Sunrise is the one of the few who has mastered the core skills and technologies for producing BE and BE+.

50% of all high-rise buildings are located in China and 91% of all guide rails are made in China. However, the supply of BE and BE+ guide rails had relied heavily on imports from Europe and Japan before Sunrise formally entered the high-rise market. Since 2014 almost 3,000 high-rise elevators have been installed using Sunrise BE and BE+ guide rails.

Our team

Jerry Zhao



Ing. Lenka Vítková

Administrative Manager

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Martin Mourek

Production Director

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Jakub Porvazník

Sales manager

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Ing. Markéta Šestáková

Quality Manager

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Mgr. Kristýna Fléglová

Logistic Manager

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